Fashion hand bags

A hand bag is a beauty accessory any real lady must have. They come in various designs, materials, and color. The number of handbag designers is quite sizable, and every one of them has the own style which is the main selling point.

Designer fashion bags are made of superior quality materials; they have extremely beautiful designs, classic collectors such as European and American designers. An individual can afford to buy designer handbags.

All of us like to have a good handbag with us when we go out. Either it is a casual party or a formal business dinner, having a handbag is essential. It keeps our necessary documents, keys, makeup, and many other valuable items. It also works as the perfect accessory to the clothes we wear. It does not matter if it is a clutch, a purse or even a shoulder hanging bag, having the good one is a necessity. The best handbags are those that are available in designer collections. They are both functional and fashionable.

Types of good fashion hand bags

Nowadays, the market has a variety of designer handbags of different styles and prices. The bags are considered one of the essential accessories worn by women all over the world. Today it ceases to exist in the form of a functional element; It is a statement of style that says a lot about holding someone.

Various types of hand bags suit different events, and some popular ones are discussed below.

  • Clutch handbags: These particular bags have no handles and are usually carried in hand. The clutch bags are perfect for evening parties and social functions. It can be used to carry small items such as makeup, phones, etc.


  • Duffel bags: This kind of hand bag is mainly used for travel as it is large and includes huge sections. It is normally used by women who do travel frequently.


  • Tote bags: The tote hand bags are quite popular among most of the women as it is easy to carry and very helpful. It can be used every day to carry personal belongings. It is also called the carry bag.

Leading Fashion Designer Hand bags

  • Gucci: One of the most expensive designer handbags in the world. These elegant hand bags can be bought only exclusive stores. the Gucci hand bags are known for its smooth texture. It is available in various colors such as red, black, brown and so forth.


  • Louis Vuitton: LV hand bags, which was invented in Paris, these is one of the best designer hands bags sold around the world. Appreciated for their style signatures, is available in different countries. It is one of the most expensive hand bags known for its texture and materials.