The stone clutch bags

   Stone clutches are handbags used for parties and other social functions. They are chic and therefore a favorite with women. If earlier these evening clutch bags were seen with and used only by celebrities and models, the situation has changed a lot now. Even those women who are in other fields of life have started making clutches a part of their fashion statement. Now the demand for evening bags has grown so huge that every woman considers these bags to complete their attire for their evenings.

   Clutch bags now come in every color, design, and shape so that women can match them with their costume. In fact, this bags suit different occasions like silver clutch bags, frame clutch bags, etc. Clutches are also an ideal gift for your best friend, wife, girlfriend, mother, etc. If you know the personal preferences of the person, you can select the best clutch of preferred color and size to make the occasion memorable and the gift cherished forever.

   Clutches are made of different materials like satin, leather, and silk. Sometimes they come coated with gems, jewels, beads, stones, etc. They can be used with straps as well as without. Clutches normally provide the looks more than functionality. However, when you go for a clutch bag make sure that you get one that can at least hold your necessary items that you need to carry with you like your mobile phone, lip stick, credit cards, etc. Also, it should be handy so that you can hold it as a "clutch."

Evening clutches

   The evening bag is designed for elegant parties and events and is an accessory for formal or evening wear. Most of these bags are relatively small in size, but still able to accept the must-have essentials. Also, the bags can be built with a strap for easy hands-free wearing, or to be held in the hands.

   The look and style of the evening bag can range from the plain and simple to the very intricate designs that include a variety of embellishments. The elaborately styled bag is more appropriate for the simply styled dress, while the more decorated outfit goes with the plain bag that has limited beads or embellishments. Another issue to consider when buying the evening bag is the fabric, with velvet, lace, and satin the most popular options.

Here are two popular types of evening bags:


   The clutch bag is styled without a strap and therefore intended to be carried by hand. But, certain clutch bags give the option to include a detachable strap for more versatility in use. This bag is rectangular to offer just about enough space to except the must-have essentials.Clutches are available in plenty of materials, styles, and adornments, which means they can go with a varied range of outfits.


Just like the style of the clutch, combust wristlet the kind of group that allows securing the bag around the wrist area. It is a practical style bag which makes a lot of dance is likely to happen because it keeps hands free. This kind of evening bags is relatively small and includes several zippered compartments for organizing the essentials. Women’s hand bags Women's bags are one of the essential accessories that women use all over the world. If you go to the office, college or hang out with friends, you have to choose the right kind of bag that fits your style, dress, and occasion.

Muff-  This is a winter fur bag in real or faux fur, wool or velvet. Also has zippered compartments and sliding armholes.

Sleeve - This type of bag is in the form of tubes or tubes being closed on the shoulder of the length of the tape.

Messenger Bag - Bag inspired by those worn by urban messengers.

Basket Bag - Bag is a medium to large size, with shoulder straps and a drawstring closure.

Saddle bag - the bag in the form of a saddle horse with Equestrian patterns and material that emphasizes design.

• The case for bowling - the bag in the style of "retro," especially for younger women, inspired by the American purses to carry bowling balls.

• Cord - This is a bag that closes with a drawstring at the top.