About US


" Very often our taste in fashion is influenced by our mothers. Our first dress, shoes, bags were choosing by our beloved mothers. Watched her how to dress, tried her lipsticks, imitated her gestures, all were fun memories of our childhood which have planted deeply in our conscious. Lisa is my mother with elegance, taste and fun, a cosmopolitan career woman has lived in many countries. She has trained me a good eye in details, sense in colours and persistence in quality.

Her passion in fashion and eyes for quality has influenced me from very young age, she is my best friend and best shopping companion, always knowing what is good on me and never refrained on honest comments, surprisingly she is always right. LISA’S WARDROBE is a selected shop for a modern, fashionable, fun, independent lady. It is exclusive, small quantity, good quality in affordable price.

Starting from handbags only, we have Evening Collection, City Girl Collection and Executive Collection for ladies from almost all age groups. We will keep expanding our collections into other fashion categories in the coming future, with the best selection by Lisa and her team."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          - Lisa and her team